Organization & Approach

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What values and principles will inform our work?

Our values and skills include Human Rights, Equity and Social Justice; Participation and Partnerships; Sustainability; Innovation and Leadership

Through the Healthier Cities and Communities work we strive to reinforce a commitment to social inclusion, diversity, research rigour, collaboration, meaningful dialogue & participatory planning, ethical integrity, reflexivity and asset-based approaches vis a vis marginalized communities.

What is a ‘constellation model’ and why are we using this approach?

A Constellation Model is an approach to catalyzing collaboration and new initiatives that is driven by the interests and priorities and energy of participating members. Small teams self-organize around a particular issue/goal of interest. These working subgroups form and dissolve over time in response to emerging issues, group energy, timeliness, and resources. They are meant to be nimble, efficient, energizing, effective and action oriented. The work is lead by constellation/topic ‘champions’ which in this case are focussed on Healthy Cities/Communities. The “constellations” work together in their teams and via the stewardship group to develop research initiatives and solutions that speak to the needs and interests of the group and the wider research/practice community as it pertains to one or more key aspect of healthy cities and communities.

constellation model diagram

How do I start my own constellation?

*** more information to come soon

For more information on the constellation model approach, see:


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